Inside View Of The Montessori Class Room Filled With The Montessori Climbing Toys

Montessori Climbing Toys, Their Use And How It Can Help Your Child.

Montessori Climbing Toys are a genus of toys that not only serve to entertain children but also flourish their mental faculties and motor skills. Before we discuss any more details about Montessori toys, you must be curious as to what exactly the term Montessori denotes. Right?

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It would not be wrong if it were said that every parent among us wants the best form of education for our children. How would we know which form of education is best for our child is a question that can be debated upon but we all are inspired by Socrates for his unconventional form of schooling of his pupils where he would never teach his students in a confined place standing on a dais and delivering a long boring lecture rather he used to subject his pupils to activities where they would learn by performing practical.

Montessori is a form of education that is very similar to Socrates’ style of teaching and has been becoming more and more famous since the beginning of the twentieth century. 

This form of education has been named after the Italian doctor Maria Montessori who developed this peculiar and quite unorthodox form of education believing in the view that human beings learn the most by way of exploration and experimentation.

Montessori form of education develops a sense of independence within the children as it allows the children to be at freedom while selecting the kind of activities they will be performing.

In Montessori schools the classrooms are usually designed in such a manner that students explore their likes and dislike at a very young age, as these classrooms do not impose any specific form of activities upon the students as was the case in the conventional form of education, this consequently allows such children when they grow up and become adults to Excel in their practical lives.

Dr. Maria believed that human beings, especially children, pay more attention to the things which attract them the most and the things which attract more attention are the things which can be better mastered. Based on her philosophy the main characteristics of Montessori education are as followed.

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  • The students are not forced to perform anything rather they decide what to do themselves.
  • Unconventional form of examination where students are subjected to more practical work than paperwork.
  • Teachers walk around and deal with students individually or in small groups instead of standing and delivering book-based lectures.


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  • Children develop independent thinking.
  • Children realize their likes and dislike at a very young age which is helpful for career development in the future.
  • They will learn to work individually as well as in groups which makes them a good team player in the future.


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  • This form of education is not affordable for everyone as it is pretty expensive than other conventional forms of education.
  • One of the basic shortcomings of this form of education is that it is not easily available for everyone.
  • Some parents might get intimidated because they expect results similar to others irrespective of the fact that every child has different learning capacities.
  • The best and most beneficial thing about Montessori education is that we don’t have to wait for our children to reach school-going age. This form of education can be initiated at home in the presence of parents by subjecting children to Montessori toys.


Montessori toys play a vital part not only in children’s entertainment but also in the development of their Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills.

These toys serve a fundamental role in the thriving of a child’s creativity and develop a sense of self-confidence after the child accomplishes small feats while playing with such Montessori toys.

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Below is a list of some Montessori Climbing toys with succinct descriptions and a few of their benefits.

[su_highlight background=”#ffffff” color=”#45a29e”]Montessori slide[/su_highlight]

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An indoor slide is one of the very few indoor toys that may serve as a Climbing toy as it makes the children use their bodies’ Larger muscles i.e. Trunk and limbs and in doing so it strengthens their Gross Motor Skills. These slides are preferred by parents as the risk of their children suffering is lowered and this Montessori Climbing toy can accommodate more than one child to play with it at the same time.

[su_highlight background=”#ffffff” color=”#45a29e”]Montessori Koala Climber[/su_highlight]

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Koala Climber, which is sometimes also termed as Panda Climber, is another toy that falls within the category of Montessori Climbing toys and helps the children engage in physical activity. It would not be wrong if one were to say that this Climbing toy alone offers the characteristics of numerous toys.

For instance, this object serves as a slide, a climbing toy, and a playful crawl through a tunnel in a single package. Moreover, as the space being accumulated by this single object is much lower than all the other toys the characteristics of which are being provided by it hence it may serve as one of the most effective and suitable Pikler Triangle Alternative for Gross Motor Skills.

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If you wish for your child to go outside and spend some time with nature in a fresh environment then you must be looking for some Montessori Climbing toys which can be placed out in a lawn or some playing area.

Dome climbers fit aptly to your wishes if you’re looking for something like which has already been mentioned.

Dome climbers with their strong metal bars exude strength and if these metal bars are colored in different shades then their fame among kids increases more than before.

This toy offers to better flourish your child’s Gross Motor Skills and Fine motor skills because it can be used for climbing and hanging. Moreover, sometimes also use the space between metal bars as tunnels and crawl through them.

This dome climber has an advantage over other Montessori toys in regard to the fact that it can even be used to play by children upto 9 years of age.

[su_highlight background=”#ffffff” color=”#45a29e”]Montessori Kids Soft Zone Corner Climber[/su_highlight]

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The name pretty much denotes the functions of this Montessori Climbing toy as well. It is made up of soft cushions with leathery skins which makes them a perfect Montessori Climbing toy for children who crawl or those who have just started to walk with any external support. The different shaped cushions are easily placed in a corner and provide for toddlers a wall on one side which can provide support if needed to climb this challenging course.

Exerting the kids to their physical limits this toy also serves to greatly advance their Motor skills.

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Numerous Climbing toys are available for children which can serve as great Alternatives for engaging children in playful activities.

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Although it is a common perception that toys only serve to divert the attention of children while they are throwing a tantrum or when their parents are busy and hence cannot attend to their children but, when it comes to Climbing toys then this perception turns into a misconception as Montessori Climbing toys not only serve the purpose of conventional toys, which is, attracting the attention of children and engaging them so they may not feel the absence of their loved ones but these toys are quite special in regard to the fact that they also serve the purpose of teaching children such vital skills that not only help them in the short-term time frame but also play a staunch role in successful professional adult life.

Montessori toys can be distinguished into various kinds depending upon the kind of benefits they have to offer. For instance, some Montessori toys target the development of Gross motor skills, and some help in the advancement of Fine motor skills.

One such Montessori toy which helps in the growth of fine Motor Skills in Children is a set of building blocks. Building blocks act to serve in the better growth of fine motor skills and also help children in learning the difference between various colors and helps in the memorization of alphabets and counting.

On the other hand, some Montessori toys can help in flourishing both fine motor skills and gross motor skills by themselves without needing any other complementary toys. An example of one such Montessori toy is Pikler Triangle which is also sometimes referred to by various names including Montessori Climber, Montessori Climbing Triangle, or Pikler Climbing Triangle.

Pikler Climber falls within the category of Montessori toys and is therefore quite suitable for children of preschool age till they reach elementary schools

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As the toddlers grow they start an exploration of their environment and love to experiment with the objects present in their surroundings. Oftentimes you must have seen a child trying to climb the objects in their immediate vicinity be it a couch, chair, study table, or trolley no such objects can be ruled out of their Climbing targets. However, these objects are not meant for such playing purposes and pose a risk of causing injury to those innocent toddlers.

This is where the Montessori Climbing toys come into the picture. These toys save not only your children from possible injuries but also protect you from financial losses that might be incurred to you because your mischievous toddler damaged some furniture while they were trying to explore the world in innocence.

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The most prominent character of these Climbing toys which is also very evident from their names is that the children which engage with such toys are subjected to climbing.

Climbing is one of the very few activities which exerts a child to his limits. When a child climbs or tries to climb any Montessori Climbing Toy then both Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills are utilized.

For instance, let us take the case of a Pikler Triangle also sometimes referred to as Pikler Climber.

The concept of independent exploration inculcates in toddlers problem-solving skills better navigation capabilities which ensure higher success rate in physical activities as well as mental exercises which allow such children to lead a more successful life when they become adults as compared to their peers who did not have a chance to entertain themselves with Climbing toys.

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Pikler Triangles are suggested and recommended more than any other Montessori Climbing toy because the picklers triangle has such a unique structure that different kinds of Pikler Climbing Triangle offer functions of several Montessori Climbing toys all alone.

Picklers Triangle is a complete package that develops both Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills within children as it engaged children in activities which involve Climbing, balancing, jumping, pulling and Pikler Variations introduce a Picklers triangle with a rock wall which further enhances the already being offered functions and also introduces walking at some height which further amplifies the sense of equilibrium and steadiness in the toddler’s movements.

Another reason why you should subject your toddler to play with Pikler Climber is the ease of installation of this toy. This Montessori Climber is mostly very lightweight and the fact that Foldable Pikler Triangle is available in the market further strengthens the perception that Montessori Climbing Triangles are not only easy to install but they are easily removable which allows them to be transferred from one place to another subject to the availability of space and convenience of parents and children alike.

It is only obvious if a single Montessori Climbing toy is offering so many advantages then it must be quite expensive, but when we compare the benefits being offered then its price seems, if not anything else, very humble. However, if some parents still cannot afford a new Picklers Triangle then they can look for a Used Pikler Triangle for their children either in their neighborhood or ask their friends for such Second-Hand Pikler.

DIY Pikler Triangle may also serve as a great alternative for those parents who are reluctant to buy the new Pikler Climbing Triangle. In order to further understand how DIY can be helpful, you can read further details about DIY Montessori Climber here.

It is recommended that, although Pikler Triangles are very useful for children and are safe to play with even then, some assistance should be provided to children in initial interactions between children and this Montessori Climbing Triangle as sometimes toddlers while playing with this toy might suffer Pikler Triangle injuries.

But these injuries, just like any other injury can be avoided if the child is properly supervised and assisted.

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