A Slide, Ramp And Pikler Triangle Is Showing In the Image Which Are Different Extensions Of Different Pikler Triangle Plans

Pikler Triangle plans

Keeping in view the cost of this toy, not all parents can afford to buy this toy for their children. However, that does not mean that they cannot build one themselves. There are different Pikler Triangle Plans for Different kinds of Pikler Climbing Triangle.

There are various methods that enable the parents to successfully make this structure with limited resources. Following are some Plans which you can follow to build Modifiable Pikler Triangle and Foldable Pikler Triangles.

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Before we begin the making of our Pikler structure we must first decide whether we want to build a simple Montessori Climber or do we want to add some modifications and create a Pikler Triangle with a slide or a rock-climbing wall.

Now that you have decided what kind of Picklers Triangle you are going to build you must start procuring the required materials.

Ordinarily, you will need.

  • Wooden plank (or planks depending on what kind of Pikler Triangle you are willing to build.)
  • Wooden Boards
  • Poplar Dowels
  • Mallet
  • Screws
  • Grips ( Of you are thinking of adding a climbing wall)
  • Various tools.

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The most important component of building a Montessori Triangle is building the Pikler Ladder. Building the ladder can be tedious but we will discuss it on the first step because this ladder alone can serve the main purpose of Picklers Triangle, as the originally designed Pikler were very similar to simple ladders but their size was made smaller for the convenience of children.

Therefore, for those parents who are only aiming to build a very simple Pikler Triangle, they should start by building a Pikler Ladder.

For a ladder, you need two wooden roads and numerous wooden dowels. The number of wooden dowels depends on you as to how much of the distance you want to keep between the two steps of the Triangle Moreover, it also depends upon the height of the Triangle.

For the height of the Pikler Climbing Triangle, it is mostly suggested that it should be at least 30 inches tall as it serves as a support for toddlers who are learning to walk and need to put their weight on some support. However, 30 inches is not the upper limit and it can be made taller depending upon the height and age of children.

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First off, both the wooden rods should be colored. The color choice is up to you and keeps it in mind that toddlers are more attracted to objects that have vibrant colors.

Now once the color has been applied the wooden Boards should be trimmed to be of the same size Afterward, the wooden dowels should also be trimmed and made of the same size.

Once all the dowels have been made into the same size then the next step is to affix those dowels between the wooden Boards For this purpose, the ends of wooden dowels may require considerable sanding as they need to be properly fixed into their designated spots.

The position at which the dowels are being affixed with the wooden Boards should be made precisely similar by using some measuring instrument otherwise it will imbalance the whole structure.

After you have successfully built your Pikler ladder repeat the same process and build another ladder. Once both the ladders have been built, use the drill, screws, and some other tools to join the two ladders in such a manner that it forms the trademark triangular form which the name “Pikler Triangle” was introduced.

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A Foldable Pikler Triangle can also be made but you should keep in mind that the two ladders forming the basic structure of the Triangle should be of different sizes and they should be joined together by way of screws that allow movement.

Once the two ladders of slightly different size are built we should put both of these ladders on the ground in such a manner that their top edges coincide at the same spot, mark the spots with some color or marker and use the drill to make holes big enough that allows for the introduction of screws within these holes.

Once you have successfully made these holes use the sandpaper to give it a smooth texture Afterwards, place the two ladders above one another in such a manner that you can see through the recently made holes, once the ladders are in this position it is time to insert the screws that allow movement.

This is one of the simplest forms of Foldable Pikler Triangle plans that have been built and is ready to be used by your children.

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Being a parent you must have realized by now that children only pay attention to new toys and once they have fully explored a certain toy they lose their interest in that object and start looking for something else.

Therefore, if you wish that your child engages with the Pikler Climbing Triangles again and again then you must think of ways to make it worthy of your child’s attention.

One of the ways to keep your child engaged with this Montessori Climber is to add modifications into their Pikler. Following are some of the best and important extensions of Modifiable Pikler Triangle Plans.

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Once you are done building the Triangle now you can introduce various other modifications and make it more attractive for your children. One such addition is adding a wooden slide to the structure.

For a Pikler Triangle with slide, you don’t need to buy a lot of materials a simple wooden plank may do the job. Find a plank that is strong enough to carry your child’s weight and cut it in such a manner that it can be placed above one of the steps of the recently made Triangle.

Once the required size has been achieved we should now add the desired color to the plank. After the color has been applied we should now either affix the slide to one side of the Triangle so that it may not cause any kind of inconvenience to the children while they ride it.

Here it should be kept in mind that the height of the slide should be chosen after deliberate thinking because if it is too high for your children then they might end up receiving Pikler Triangle injuries.

Another tip for the parents is not to fix the slide permanently as with the passage of time the children will grow in height and intelligence, therefore a temporarily fixed slide can be removed and made a higher one quite easily and this will also keep the toy interesting for children for a very long duration.

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Many of the Pikler Triangle Plans include Rock Wall as this rock wall can be used in multiple ways and engage your child in climbing which is very important for their bone structure.

The addition of the rock wall is pretty simple as it involves mostly those steps which were used for the introduction of the slide into the Triangle.

As mentioned earlier while building the slide once the appropriate size plank has been cut and colored then we should start attaching the grips over the plank.

Once the grips have been properly affixed then this plank will be ready to serve as a rock wall and attract greater interest from the children. This plank with affixed grips can be attached to the Pikler Triangle set in the same manner as the wooden slide which has already been mentioned above.

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Some renditions of the Pikler Triangles Plans also include two structures connected by ramps.

Pikler Climber connected with ramps are becoming more and more in vogue but the Introduction of this feature into your Montessori Climbing Triangle will not only increase the time consumption for its construction but it will also considerably increase the expenses needed to build it.

Moreover, the space covered by such a Pikler Triangle set also gets more than double as compared to the other DIY Pikler approaches.

However, for your convenience, we will be happy to tell you how the ramps can be introduced. If you’re looking for the DIY Pikler Triangle with ramp then basically you need to build two Picklers Triangle both differing in height.

Once you’re done making both the Triangles simply connect the two by way of introduction of a simple wooden plank which will serve as a wooden Pikler Ramp for your children.

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Another Feature of Pikler Triangle Plans that can be added to your already existing simple Pikler Climbing Triangle or Modifiable Pikler Triangle is the addition of a Montessori Play Tunnel.

There are various Pikler Triangle benefits as they help in the growth of Fine Motor Skills and Gross motor skills of toddlers but sometimes we think that our child is not old enough to interact with this Montessori Climbing Triangle as they have not started walking and are only crawling at the moment, therefore, we look for Montessori crawling toys, one such Montessori Crawling toy is a Play Tunnel.

Montessori play tunnels are an option for children of very young age who are not old enough to start walking either with or without external support.

These play tunnels can be added to the Foldable Pikler Triangle or Modifiable Pikler Triangle very easily, for instance, the space between two ladders of the Pikler Is empty and hence is very suitable for the addition of such play tunnels.

Moreover, if you have built a Modified Pikler Triangle with slide, ramp, or rock wall this tunnel can be introduced below such a slide, ramp, or rock wall.

The addition of this tunnel is also beneficial for parents as it would allow all their children, no matter what their age group is, to get themselves entertained by the Pikler Climbing Triangle.

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