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Pikler Triangle Ramp, Its Uses And Benefits

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Pikler Triangle toy is the combination of different extensions named as Pikler Triangle Slide, Pikler Triangle Rock Wall, and Pikler Triangle Ramp. These all extensions have different uses and benefits.

These different attachments of the Pikler Climbing Triangle can be used for different physical activities as these fittings can engage your children in various tasks and keep them busy and entertained.

So here we will discuss the Pikler Ramp. The standard height of the Pikler Ramp is 98.5 cm / 38.78 inches and its width is 37.5 cm / 14.7 inches. This is the standard size of the Ramp, You can also look for the ramp of different sizes according to your toddler’s height and needs.

This Ramp is made of Polywood or Pinewood which are the finest qualities of wood. This Ramp could last 10 years easily but it should be kept away from the rain, water, and sunlight.

It is available in different colors and you can also paint it yourself to make it more attractive for your children. The colors will not fade easily as it is made of plywood or pinewood.

These are some details about this Ramp.

Let’s discuss in detail Its uses, benefits, and how it can be helpful for your children to improve their Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills.

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Picklers Triangle Ramp is just like a simple hardboard or you can say a slope that can turn into a slide. This extension comes with almost every Type Of Pikler Triangle and can be a very helpful tool to engage your children into walking, sitting, and also motivate your children to climb on Pikler Climbing Triangle.

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You can use this Ramp between two chairs or can use it with Pikler Triangle. This Ramp will engage your child in walking as we know children tend to walk with some external support. This Pikler Triangle Ramp will give them this support.

They will hold onto this Ramp to walk around their Montessori Climber and can decide to let go of it when they are tired of walking.

They will walk with the help of this Ramp eventually they will try to climb on Pikler or try to pull themselves up to sit on the ramp.

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You can also use this Ramp as a slide to give your children other options and occupy them with different kinds of activities.

Use this Ramp against any things, for instance, a wall or sofa to make it slide so your child can have fun sliding indoors.

This way your child will climb up on the sofa and slide down on this Ramp which will engage your child in running or walking.

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This Ramp can also be used as a Climbing Wall as you can plant rock holds on the one side of the Ramp or holds with numbers/alphabets attached to it to teach your child counting or different alphabets.

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We bought different toys for our children so we can improve their mental and physical strength. Best Pikler Triangle has many benefits and some of these gains are linked with this Ramp, so let’s discuss its benefits.

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This Ramp will help your child strengthen their bone structure, engage them in physical activities and improve their Fine Motor Skills.

While playing with the Picklers Triangle your child will use this Ramp to walk on it or walk beside it or use it to walk from one side of the Pikler to the other side.

During these movements small muscles in your child’s body will work, they will move their arms, hand, and legs while playing with this Ramp. They will understand the importance of balance and learn to balance while walking on the Ramp.

These are some of the physical benefits of this Ramp. 

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The main benefit of the Pikler Triangle Ramp is the understanding of balance. This Ramp is mostly used for walking from one side to the other side so during this your child has to maintain balance to reach their goal.

Many Pikler Triangle Injuries reported due to this Ramp as this is a height Ramp and while moving from one side to another child will lose their balance and fall which could be the reason for an injury.

Don’t worry just use a mat or carpet underneath it, keep an eye on your child and your child is safe playing with this Ramp.

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